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A Shake, Rattle and Roll Game™



Fourteen is two games in one:Fourteen Numbers™ & Fourteen Questions™

It is a social game and a strategy game and usually finishes in less than 30 minutes. Designed to be played by everyone from younger, school age, children to grandparents, Fourteen is fun for the whole family.

Fourteen Numbers™ is a fast paced number game, similar to Yatzee, Farkle or LCR. The object of the game is to be the first person to get all Fourteen Numbers™. But, the game has a twist... the Smiley. Roll the Smiley on the Smiley Game Cube and you get a Smiley token. The Smiley tokens can be used to barter or trade with other players for their rolls. Or, the Smiley tokens can be collected and used to eliminate any of your remaining numbers.

Fourteen Questions™ is a social question and answer game. It's a great game for children or friends to get to know each other, or, to learn interesting facts about friends and family they already know. In this game, the players make a list of fourteen questions or use the provided sample questions. Then, they take turns rolling the game cube and asking the questions ... simple, and fun!

Currently available FREE online as one of our PRINT-N-PLAY games!

Just purchase a Smiley Game Cube (if you don't already have one), then print scoresheets, Smiley tokens and the instructions. You're ready to play!

2 or more players.

Ages 6 & up.

Currently both games are available as part of our online PRINT-N-PLAY™ games. Order the Smiley Game Cube from one of our partner stores: Retail Stores

Then print out the games yourself: Click here.


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